Hidayah Razali

Hidayah completed her industrial training in Hospital Pantai KL during her undergraduate studies, where she first gained experience in adult and child therapy through observation of cases and learned the process of therapy sessions, basic questioning processes, types of therapy and assessment, etc. Looking at how important mental health is in the community with regard to the increase in the number of various mental health issues in Malaysia sparked her interest in the mental health field. She graduated with a Bachelor of Human Science (with Honours) in Psychology from International Islamic University Malaysia.

Subsequently, Hidayah worked as a Behavior/ABA Therapist where she was trained and supervised directly to conduct Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies on children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays. This experience has provided her with meaningful knowledge and valuable skills in helping amazing children blossom with the necessary skills in improving their functional skills and most importantly, being able to progress in their day-to-day living.

With a strong passion and motivation, Hidayah pursued her Masters in Clinical Psychology at UCSI University. She had experience working on wide exposure of cases and with clients of diverse backgrounds. She is experienced in conducting comprehensive psychological assessments for various mental health disorders. Moreover, her therapy approaches are often flexible as she incorporates different therapeutic approaches that fit the specific needs of the clients.

Hidayah strongly believes that the first key to change would be validating the clients that their life is worth living and they mattered as much as everyone else around them. With the client’s willingness as the primary tool and the therapist’s ability to spark some hopes in them, there is always a path to improving their lives.

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