Gabriel Thai

Gabriel is an aspiring clinical psychologist with experience in mental health assessment, treatment and therapy. He has worked in hospitals, private centres and school settings, and has treated clients from different age groups, ranging among adults, adolescents and children. He has experience helping clients overcome various difficulties such as anxiety, depression, trauma, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks and other psychological concerns. Before his employment in WeShine Child Developmental Center, Gabriel had trained and worked with a diverse set of employers, including WeCare Allied Health Centre, Pusat Kesihatan University UPSI, and KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre.

Gabriel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Psychology from UCSI University, Malaysia and completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology from an integrated program by USM and UPSI, Malaysia.

Empathetic, patient, dependable, and kind, Gabriel strives to deliver high-quality services for people from all walks of life.

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